Smart Drive MX2 + Push Tracker

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The SmartDrive is a power assist add on which attaches to manual wheelchair. It can power up steep hills and over thick carpet. Designed to just push to go and tap then brake to stop, it’s that simple. It will go for Km’s on a single charge. This powerful SmartDrive has an anti-rollback feature that allows you to stop on a hill and then easily get going again.
The Smart drive also comes with a Push Tracker Activity Monitoring wrist band. This  is smart and fashionable and senses your movements to effortlessly control your Smart Drive.

How to use: 
Using the SmartDrive is natural. You push to go and tap brake to stop, it’s that simple. To go slow, push slow. To go fast, push fast. The SmartDrive is like a cruise control and you set the speed by the speed of your push. You turn using the pushrims, just like you would turn while going downhill.

Key features:
Powerful – Cruises up hills and over thick carpet.
Intuitive – Simple to use and with minimal use to propel the wheelchair your shoulders with thank you
Simple – Turn on and go all day without recharging
Lightweight – extremely light, easy to hook onto manual wheelchair and go.



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