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All Terrain Wheelchairs

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At GMS Rehabilitation we believe elderly people and people with disability should be able to get out into the world and experience all life has to offer. We have sought out equipment that allows both users and families to enjoy trips in the great outdoors. Read below for the different types of All Terrain Wheelchairs available at GMS. 


 Hippocampe wheelchairs makes accessibility easier than ever. The innovative design and buoyancy of this wheelchair allows use on sand and in water – including the ocean. The Hippocampe wheelchair is rust resistant, robust, easy to assemble and easy to clean, making this product invaluable to any water lover. 

Hippocampe Marathon

The Hippocampe Marathon is a chair that allows users to accompany family and friends on a run. Designed closely with professional runners, this product allows the opportunity for users to partake in marathons, triathlons and other on-road activities.

Trail Rider All Terrain

For those who love nature and being outdoors, the Trail Rider All Terrain is ideal. Designed for use in national parks and on outdoor trails, this product is the perfect accompaniment for users wanting to explore nature. This single wheeled chair supports the user’s weight while the front and rear handles allow helpers to guide and support.

Zoom All Terrain

Designed for use in difficult off road conditions, the Zoom All Terrain allows users freedom to explore in all conditions. This light weight, compact, electric four wheel drive wheelchair is perfect for recreational use and has the ability to drive in snow, sand, over obstacles and uphill. The Zoom has a top speed of 20kph.

Children’s All Terrain Wheelchairs

GMS offers a significant range of children’s products – from powered paediatric wheelchairs to tilt-in-space wheelchairs. All wheelchairs have been designed with your child’s comfort, independence and growth in mind.

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