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Disability Beds

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Getting a good night’s rest is vital for a healthy body and mind. Sleep deprivation drains mental ability and puts physical health at risk. GMS Rehabilitation offers a range of products to assist in a safe and comfortable night’s sleep. 

Hi Lo disability beds are available at GMS for use at home, hospital or nursing home. Australian made and hospital grade, these beds are easy to use. Hi Lo beds have in-built safety features, including the ability to lower completely to the floor, ensuring user safety and comfort while using the product.

Deutscher Floorline Bed

Coming in a range of sizes and weight capabilities, the Deutscher Floorline is easy to operate for carers and patients. This bed has an in-built control tower at the foot of the bed and an attachable remote for patient autonomy. Built into the control tower is a section to harbour the mattress pump, which significantly reduces the risk of injury by removing it off the floor. The bed’s tilt function allows the mattress platform to be raised or lowered to any angle.

Deutscher High Protection System

For patients suffering with on-going movement, the Deutscher High Protection System (HPS) can be fitted to any Floorline bed. The HPS is suitable for conditions such as Huntington’s, Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury, Psychosis and Epilepsy. This bed allows for patient comfort and safety to be maintained without compromise of bed functionality. The HPS is strong, durable and easily attached and removed. It is also softly padded on the sides and ends for patient protection. With removable sections, the HPS can be configured for easy access for the user and when hoists are used during transfer.

Invacare Etude

The Invacare Etude has all the functions of a nursing home and aged care facility bed, while maintaining the attractive aesthetics and measurement specifications to fit in the user’s home among existing furniture. This bed is equipped with an easy-use hand control to allow easy adjustment of the height and angle. The Invacare Etude has built in technologies to prevent pressure ulcers,  as well as a backrest regression mechanism. This mechanism significantly reduces the tendency for patients to slide along the bed. The range of beds have features and options that are customisable to the specific needs and personal preferences of the patient.

All beds have been through significant safety testing in accordance to Australian Standards. They meet TGA load capacity and reliability requirements to safeguard patient care.

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