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GMS Rehabilitation offers a selection of products that are proactive solutions to issues that arise while resting in bed or lounging. Becoming elderly or facing life with a disability can mean the challenge of stability and confidence in one’s physical strength. With the assistance of accessories like bed poles, gooseneck poles, bed rope ladders and sure stand security poles, users can regain independent self-movement.

Other accessories available at GMS include mobile over bed-chair tables, tray tables and bed wedges. These accessories allow for an easy to move, height adjustable surface to eat food, rest drinks, books and other items.

GMS Rehabilitation understands that due to sickness or injury, getting to the bathroom is not an option for some patients. This is where a Bedside Commode offers a convenient solution. The light weight frame and removable compartment has a fitted lid and carry handles for quick and easy cleaning. Other options also include folding frame commodes, swing-up arms and various sizing options.

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