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Bedroom Aids

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The aging process or having a disability can have its fair amount of challenge. GMS Rehabilitation stocks a range of bedroom aids like disability beds bed poles, bed cradles & adjustable high low beds. We also have a variety of pressure care mattress, Roho cushions and pressure care overlays, pressure relief mattresses to choose.

We are the leading supplier of trusted and reliable brands of adjustable beds available in the market today. Proud to be delivering Australian manufactured adjustable beds and other bedroom aids. We also keep a supply of imported beds that are competitively priced and provides best results in functionality and comfort. Designed for hospitals, aged care facilities and home care environments that will not disappoint any user. The beds come with the hi-lo function (entire bed raise and lowers), head raise and knee bend (or leg raise function). You can also choose beds with Trendelenburg function that has 15-30 degree incline with the feet elevated above the head.

Bed poles are also known as bed sticks are a self-help bed poles used to give the person lying in bed a pole to grab and pull themselves up to a sitting position.

Bed cradle is a frame that is specially designed to remove the pressure of bedding on injured or painful legs. These have been around for a very long time and practical yet sometimes forgotten as useful bedroom aids.
GMS Rehabilitation provides some Bedroom aids such as the bedside commodes can also work as the bathroom aids.

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