Bathroom Aids

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At some point in our lives, we are all affected by some medical condition, illness resulting in disability preventing us from using the bathroom.

We offer a range of bathroom aids which are designed to help you access the bathroom and toilet facilities safely.

We stock bathroom aids like Shower chair, shower stool, over toilet frame, toilet raiser and many more. All our products are designed to assist you in using bathroom facilities whether it be for short-term or long-term use. These aids can come handy following a hip replacement, knee surgery or for ongoing illness or disability.

Equipment such as a bedside commodes or commonly called commode chair is another option for those requiring toilet aids. Ideal for those with limited mobility or loss of balance, effects of aging and any other injuries. The commode chair can be placed by the bedside (thus the name Bedside commode) for easy access and usually is a discreet low back chair with a skirt or surrounded with a pan or a bucket.

Our best selling portable commode chair can work as an over the toilet commode as well as a bedside commode. It has attached wheels that can help you move into the shower and you convert into a shower chair. The shower commode has four wheels and is available as an attendant propelled or as a self-propelling commode chair.

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